art commissions

[COMMISSION STATUS WILL BE SHOWN ON BIO] payment: paypal || slots open: shown on bio

  • humans
  • mild gore
  • fanarts
  • ocs/fictional characters
  • simple anthro/animal featured

  • WONT's
  • real people
  • nsfw
  • offensive imagery/wording
  • realistic old, young features
  • complicated designs (ex. mech, multiple layered frills)
  • unclear designs


  • My commissions will be done in MY style.
  • My commissions is not for commerical-use, they can only be used for personal-use.
  • Claiming my work as yours or others is STRICTLY probhited.
  • Please DM me on this account if you are taking a commission.
  • I am allowed to refuse any commission request for reasons said or not said

    1. DM me to commission/and inquiries
    2. send me the kind of commission and character to draw(please give me a clear reference, unclear references will be turned down)
    3. i will state the price and confirm with the order
    4. i will make a sketch and ask for confirmation, you will then send the payment
    5. it will take me 2 - 1 week to complete
    6. after i finished, i will dm a HD png of the commission to you
    7. the commission will then be done, minor changes on the commission are requestable.