EXP. 866

Experiment 866 is our 2nd latest subject. It is idealized that this is our most skilled work that has the highest capability in our goal. Experiment 866 was created using the human body of ████ ██████. After the conductments, they have been one of the experiments most of our priorities in.

EXP. 866 is given a codename known as Syn , (SYN WHITLOCK), this is from the higher ups, which, in a way mocks our efforts into created what they ordered us to do, but nevermind (Syn? seriously, "SYN"??).

EXP. 866 has rough, ragged, black hair grown to their shoulders. Dark nut brown(or chestnut..? someone fucking help record the actual thing for me) eyes and pale skin and a 6"2' ft tall and strong figure.

Their bandages are a notable way to identify them, it often rips and covers enough of his skin to still experiment

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