There are a few outlines to this whole project, regeneration is the most vital, otherwise other components of what we are trying to outline and create would inevitably fail, the second coming after regeneration would be rebuilding, we are only mass producing and rebuilding is in theory almost impossible, if anything, the most we could achieve is a mass murder of numbers and time and energy wasted.

Next is efficient alertiveness sensory, the soldiers should be able to sense ambushes, spreads of poison, bombs and other military warfare. The most successful is if they can even sense vibrations surfacing from the ground and can detect where certain parts of the body is damaged - excluding any health problems, as that would interrupt their brain system with pain. Sensory should be controllable and more of a detection component than feeling any sort negative and physical sensitivity.

Strength. Muscle power is the most easiest creation and also the best ability if the other outlines do not work effectively. Achieving super-strength and incredible miles of speed would be the finishing of our project.