Regeneration successfully works. As predicted, it only works in a good, constant rate by 23cm/s. Cenric and Harper seem to have faulty regeneration abilities. Mallory, Athela and Lane have normal regenerative abilities. Mallory still experiences neuralgia from the incident but can stop it when it starts to hurt, this was evidenced even before she had the ability to regenerate and also have a unique skill in her body which could explain how Mallory was able to fix a nerve injury before, that is being observed by some doctors.

One of the higher ups suggested that we get more test subjects and that the serum and procedures that was used to gain regenerative abilities will be funded by other higher ups and people connected to the Government section more.

A second sector is being created and until then I have to keep the new staffs with me. Recorded logs from different experiments also seem to be vital to the higher ups.

[Written by Dr. Rowland]