I need to plan some revisal for the next testing and find a better way to manage any stupid situations we come across, especially ones like Earna's incident, that incident still haunts me. Some of the subjects are neglecting to follow us, obviously because they think, or rather know, that we brutally killed Earna Lilliard, the other one who was in the same testing room seems too traumatized to describe what happened. They might have tried to kill some of the staffs if they heard her blood curdling screams.

The higher ups didn't even fire some of the staffs in our team. They were wanting to keep them because they could cause "such a interesting effect and result yet so stupid" and thinks that we have a good chance of, never causing that mistake again. Yes, as long as those mistakes never happen again we will not kill another test subject.

I don't understand how could anyone need the hassles to harm a teenager.

[Written by Dr. Rowland]